Why Write?

As C. Day Lewis stated, writing is a process of thought. As a career, it is a medium that embodies my interests and allows me to fulfil my curious nature through research. As a freelance writer and journalist, it gives me the chance to explore and understand people and the natural world that surrounds us. My blog, Process of Thoughts, is the culmination of my professional and personal self, where you can find published articles alongside random musings on life adventures in and out of classrooms. Currently, I am also in the process of writing a book on the issues in modern education.

Graduate Research: New Media, Education, and the Environment

I decided to combine my academic and career interests through my research, resulting in the exploration of how new forms of media can act as forms of expression, literature, and even as educational and rhetorical tools. I view new media, such as film, the internet, and video games, just as I view literature through its ability to establish narrative as well as critical and active thinking skills through interaction. However, I also view it it as something that is important to understand so it is not misused, as it commonly is. Ultimately, I research forms of media, from literature to games and social media, and look at how they affect the ways in which we learn, think, and feel.

In addition, I've also followed my passion for nature and wildlife by exploring the rhetoric of the environment in transcendental literature and counter-culture... looking at how literature has shaped our modern view of the environment leading into the National Parks movement.